Student Code of Conduct

Star Academy Class Day is first and foremost a place of academic learning. We desire to create a positive atmosphere that encourages students to take responsibility for their own knowledge and learning experience. We want the class day experience to inspire, energize, and strengthen every student to academic excellence. To this end, we will insist on a standard of behavior that will foster this environment of excellence in learning. We want nothing to distract our students from achieving success in the academic tasks set before them.

Since we are all volunteers here, it takes a group effort to make class day all it should be. We need the help of every student and the parents that are on monitor duty in order to set up rooms with tables and chairs, take down the tables and chairs at the end of the day, keep the restrooms clean, and empty trash bins. If every person agrees to help, it makes the workload easier for everyone. Students may be asked to move a table or chairs that are not for one of their classes. With a helpful attitude, we’ll get things done in a hurry and without too much imposition on one person.

Students and Parents, please read the following rules below, and afterwards, if you can agree to abide by these rules, please sign the form electronically.

Students who do not follow the follow rules will be subject to the policies outlined on the Discipline Policies page.

Student Rules of Conduct

Positive speech

Be respectful in your speech. Star Academy will not tolerate name-calling, cursing, swearing, shaming, off-color jokes, innuendo, discussion about illegal substances, or any other inappropriate talk.

Positive behavior

In order not to be a distraction to other people, there will be no loud talking, rough-housing, or running. Everyone must keep their hands to themselves. No hitting, pushing, shoving, tripping, or other rough behavior. There will be no throwing of any objects while on campus.

Positive peer relationships

All students should act with kindness and consideration of other students.

Each student will speak and act with kindness towards all other students.

Students will treat one another with respect and consideration.

Positive academic effort

Students must come to class prepared, with all completed assignments and required supplies (i.e. notebooks, paper, pens, calculators, lab supplies, etc.).

All students must maintain a passing grade of 70 in all classes in order to remain enrolled in Star Academy. Diligence at class day and at home is required in order to succeed. Students who do not maintain passing grades will be put on probation for a period of time in order to bring up their grades. If, after the probation period, the grades are not above a 70, the student will be required to drop the class. However, payment for the class must still be made for the remainder of the year.

Academic dishonesty may result in failure of an assignment, academic probation, or dismissal from Star Academy Class Day.

Campus behavior

Students must follow the direction of tutors and adults in charge during class day hours. All students will act with respect for every adult at the class day, regardless of personal feelings. No disrespectful behavior toward any adult will be tolerated.

Students will refrain from public displays of affection (hand-holding, lingering hugs, kissing, etc.) while on campus.

All students who are not in class must remain in the Student Lounge area, unless they are off campus.

The Student Lounge is a place for quiet socializing during off hours. No loud activity will be permitted. Students seated at the tables in the lounge should be respectful of adjacent classes and students who may be studying.

If you are unsure that your student will be able to behave during non-class hours, please make other arrangements for their off-time.

Uncooperative or disrespectful students will not be allowed to remain in the Student Lounge. Parents will be asked to pick up their student between classes and bring them back only for their class hours.

The Student Lounge is a privilege and not a right.

No pocket knives allowed at class day. Please leave all pocket knives at home.

Students will abide by their parents’ wishes for them regarding whether or not they may leave campus.


Students may bring laptops and/or cell phones and use them during study hall hours. Computers and cell phones may not be opened or used during class time without the permission of the teacher. Wifi is not available for students.

Be considerate.

Students attending Star Academy should help with the set-up and tear down process each week. Tables and chairs must be set up in the lounge and classrooms each week; at the end of the day, they must be taken down and put away. When needed, tutors will ask for assistance from their students to put the room back like it was upon arriving. Students should be prepared to help.

Every student must throw away their own trash and not leave it for others to throw away. Throughout the day, students may be asked to pick up trash, even if it is not their own.