Dress Code

Star's Administration recognizes that parents bear the primary responsibility for setting standards for their children's dress. However, because of health and safety factors, because of the influence of dress on students' attitude and behavior, and because of the need to prevent disruptive influences and preserve the academic environment of the school, student dress is a concern for teachers and administrators.

  • Students and adults must dress respectfully of themselves and others, wearing nothing generally considered shocking or immodest by others at the class day, particularly by the adults on campus.
  • No underwear may be showing. Sleeves must stay put and cover underwear and underwear straps. Pants must stay up to cover boxers and/or underwear. (Camisoles and tank tops are not considered underwear, but must otherwise follow this rule as well.)
  • Leggings may not be worn as pants without an overlay of other clothing such as a dress, skirt, or shorts.
  • Sleeves must be at least three fingers wide at the top of the shoulder. Midriffs should be fully and completely covered.
  • Shirts, tanks, and camisoles may not be so thin or sheer as to resemble pajamas or show underwear.
  • No cleavage may be showing at all.
  • The bottom of dresses, skirts and shorts must touch the knee when standing.
  • No clothing may be worn that sports language or messages that are generally considered inappropriate, shocking or offensive by any adults on campus.
  • Shoes must always be worn while at class day. Do not remove shoes at class day!
  • No Heelys or Heely-like shoes may be worn at Star Academy Class Day.
  • All adults on campus are responsible for judging and enforcing these dress codes.
  • An extra-large shirt and/or sweat pants will be loaned to any student who arrives with clothing that breaks these rules. The student must either put on the loaned item(s) or go home.
  • If in doubt, DON'T WEAR IT!!