Discipline Policies

Any behavioral, academic, or attitude problems with students will be handled in the following manner. Please remember that students at all Star Academy Class Day classes and activities are expected to treat staff and each other with kindness and respect.

First Offense

The issue will be brought to the student’s attention by the adult on duty. Depending on the severity of the offense, parents may be notified.

Second Offense

Parents will be notified either by email or phone call. Depending on the severity of the offense, parents may be asked to meet with the Star Academy Class Day Administration.

Third Offense

Parents and student must meet with the Star Academy Class Day Administration.

Disciplinary action will depend on the severity of the offense and may include probation or expulsion.

Probation and Expulsion


This disciplinary action is used when a student has habitually disobeyed the rules or their behavior is cause for immediate concern. When possible, we give the student time to align their behavior with what is expected of all students. However, in severe circumstances, the Star Academy Administration may deem it necessary to move directly to expulsion.


Any student placed on probation will need to arrange an interview with the Star Academy Administration and a Parent or Guardian at the termination of the probationary period. At this point, a student may be removed from probation, continue on probation, or be expelled from Star Academy.


Severe behavioral or academic problems may result in immediate expulsion from all Star Academy classes and activities for the remainder of the school year. No fees will be refunded to families when a student has been expelled, and tuition payments must continue until the year’s end.

The Star Academy Administration has authority to expel any student at any time who exhibits the following unacceptable behavior, or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the Administration:

Foul, offensive or inappropriate language


Academic dishonesty


Drug, alcohol, or tobacco use

Possession of weapons, especially with the intent to harm others or possessions

Blatant, habitual disrespect toward tutors or other adults in authority

Consistent bad attitudes, especially with the intention of disparaging those in authority or seeking to increase dissatisfaction in other students

Intentional harm of any person or of church property, whether real or expressed verbally

Inappropriate behavior

Failing grades, incomplete assignments, or work that is not submitted in a timely manner

Inability or unwillingness to work with the Star Academy Administration and/or tutors to resolve problems and issues

Excessive absences