Add/Drop Class Policies

Please register for classes carefully. Our teachers are making a commitment to teach your children for a full school year, and you need to make the same commitment. Registration fees, September tuition, and supply fees you pay are nonrefundable. Tuition covering months after September is refundable, provided the class is dropped within the 6-week drop period.

6-Week Drop Period

If you do not drop a class before the drop period ends, you are obligated for the entire year’s tuition, even if you are paying out the yearly fee on a monthly basis. Each class’s tuition is a yearly tuition commitment that we allow parents to pay by the month. Dropping a class after the drop period has ended does not release the parent from paying for the rest of the year.

The 6-week drop period ends at the end of class day, 3:30 p.m., on the 6th class day of the year. Please refer to our academic calendar for this year's drop deadline.

Of course, a family sometimes encounters extreme difficulties during the year that might justify an exception. Please discuss these issues with the Star Academy Administrators as soon as possible.

To add or drop a class

Download and print the add/drop form.

Fill out the form and mail it to:

Star Academy Class Day

830 North Blvd # 2054

Universal City, TX 78148

What to include in your envelope:

the completed form
the $5 add/drop fee as a check to Star Academy

a check to the teacher of the class you are adding to your student's schedule, with all the appropriate 1-time fees added

If you are adding or dropping 1 or more classes, only one form is needed. There is a $5 charge to add or drop classes. This is an admin fee, and it is $5 per form, not per class. This fee is to encourage families to think carefully before adding or dropping classes, and to do so only once, if at all. The add/drop fee goes to Star Academy and not to administration members personally. Funds for Star Academy are used for Star Academy classes and the running of the program.

If you have a question about how much is owed, feel free to ask any Admin Member.