2022-23 Registration Information

COVID-19 Note

Our masking policy will continue to follow the current guidelines of our host church, the CDC, and local authorities.

Meet the Teacher Events

Please join us at one of our Meet the Teacher events. Our teachers will be available to discuss their curricula and teaching approaches.

March 28, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

May 2

August 15

All Meet the Teacher events are at:
1129 Pat Booker Road
Universal City, TX 78148

Registration Instructions

We are simplifying our tuition collection procedures. The first month’s payment, one-eighth of the annual tuition, is due upon registration. Post-dated checks for the remainder of the year are due on the last Tuesday in September. Families wanting to pay cash can exchange a cash payment for their post-dated check the last week of each month. Teachers will receive tuition on the first Tuesday of the month.

Please read the following carefully before registering:

ALL students must have internet and printer access.

You will need to complete a separate packet (printed and electronic forms) for each student attending Star Academy Class Day.

You must click submit at the end of each form.


1. Print one Class Registration and Payment Form for each student registering.

Choose "landscape" and “fit to page” in your printing options.

This form includes the tuition and fees for each class.

2. Click links below for the online portion of the registration.

As you complete your online registration, please fill out all but the right column on the printed Class Registration and Payment form(s).

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY. You are signing these forms digitally; it is the same as signing paper, and you will be held to what you sign.

When filling out the family information and student information online forms, please use the scroll bar on the form page (not the usual one on the far right - but the one just to the left of that one). You will need to enter things all the way down until you see the submit button. If you do not click SUBMIT on EACH form, your registration will not be complete, and your student will not be enrolled in classes.

3. We cannot function without volunteers. Every family pays a $120 volunteer opt-out fee. We do not want to keep this money; we want to return it to you at the end of the year! It is meant to serve as a reminder that we must have volunteers to function. Please sign up for volunteer slots at SignUp Genius. For each shift you complete, up to four shifts, you will receive $30 of your fee at the end of the year.

4. Due at registration:

Payable to Star Academy:

  • family registration fee ($80 through May Meet the Teacher; $100 after)

  • volunteer opt-out fee ($120); refundable at end of year according to commitment met
    For the volunteer opt-out fee, we can accept a post-dated check; it should be dated no later than August 1, 2022.

Payable to each tutor:

  • September tuition, which is one eighth of the annual tuition for each class, plus any lab, copy, or supply fees

5. You may verify the correct payment to be made by contacting at Star Admin or (210) 570-6410.

6. Please mail your checks and the completed form(s) to:

Star Academy Class Day

830 North Blvd # 2054

Universal City, TX 78148

Please feel free to contact any administration member with questions or if you need assistance.

If you need to make a change to your schedule, please contact us.