Foreign languages

Spanish 1 - canceled
(We plan to resume Spanish courses in 2022-23.)

Instructor: TBA

Course Fee: $440 (8 payments of $55)

Copy/Supply Fee: $40

Grade level: 7th-12th Grade

Minimum enrollment: 6 students

Supplies: Students will need a notebook or binder with lined paper, index cards, and access to a computer for research

Course Description: We will be covering learning how to speak Spanish by immersing ourselves into the culture each week. Spanish is more than memorizing words and grammar, or simply learning pronunciation and rules. In our class we will learn about the Spanish culture, both ancient and recent. There are some things in the Spanish language that cannot be translated into English, and we will also be learning how to use these unique words to give us new perspectives and new understandings. The goal for this class is to teach students not just how to speak Spanish, but what it means to speak Spanish as well. Spanish 1 will cover all of the basics and this curriculum is built on the foundational belief that children acquire language through meaningful interactions with their teacher, other students, and most importantly their family, and other loved ones.

Course Expectations and Grading: This is a hands on, learning by doing course. I expect to keep this course fun, but not necessarily easy. Students will be expected to prepare and practice Spanish at home, and complete outside assignments before class. They will be given feedback on pronunciation, and how effectively they are using the language during class. With that in mind, grading will be more stringent the second semester. Students are graded on class participation, pronunciation, and proper use of language skills. If a student is absent a day they will be given their work, and a short recorded video from me they will need to watch with any new phrases or words they need to practice.