Study Hall Volunteer Policy

If you are registered or will register for classes next school year -

Official Procedure for Opting Out of Study Hall Duty, Applying to be a Paid Substitute, and Other Study Hall Deadlines and Requirements
All Parents must be signed up or opted-out (with payment made) for study hall duty with registration!!

Joycelyn Simas is the Study Hall Manager. She may be reached at Please contact Joycelyn with your questions about study hall.

In case you are sick or unable to make your study hall commitment FOR ANY REASON, you are still required to find a replacement – either by switching places with someone else on the schedule, asking someone to work for you without switching, or pay Star Academy to hire one of the paid substitutes. Every family will have viewing access to the study hall sign-up list, so you will be able to see other parents and their contact info to find a replacement for yourself in the event you cannot attend your scheduled time.

This opting-out option was created not as a money making opportunity, although it will provide a little extra cash to a few families, but as an option for those families where it’s a real hardship to do study hall duty. We wanted to make a way for these families to be able to opt-out of study hall duty.

No one person will be consistently assigned as a paid substitute. If you are volunteering to be a paid sub, you will be put on a list and be used to fill the schedule on a rotating basis. This way, every paid volunteer will get an opportunity to work.

MOST IMPORTANT for those who are willing to be paid substitutes: THIS DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM SERVING YOUR TWO DAYS IN STUDY HALL FOR FREE. Being a paid substitute is IN ADDITION TO your two days of required service to Star Academy in Study Hall. We cannot run Star Academy without volunteers. The Star Academy Admin has worked every week for the last 3 years for free, and spend countless hours outside of class day to keep the program running successfully. We love our jobs, but we cannot run the program alone. We must have other parents to help this program succeed. We hope you understand the necessity of your two day time investment in the Star Academy Program.

Email and that you want to opt-out of study hall duty. In your email, please give the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number – best number to reach you at all times – texting or no?
  • How many days you want to opt out – ½ day, 1 day, or 2 days
  • Send or bring your payment (cash or check only) of $15 for a half day (with registration $20 after), $30 for a full day (with registration $40 after), or $60 for 2 full days (with registration $80 after) to Star Academy, or mail your payment to Joycelyn Simas at:
Joycelyn Simas
Star Academy Treasurer
830 North Blvd # 2054
Universal City, TX 78148

When payment has been received, Admin will schedule a substitute for you and send you a confirmation email that a sub has been scheduled for you.
You are not considered opted out until payment has been received by Star Admin and you receive an email confirmation from Gwen!
The opting out payment must be received with registration to give us adequate time to schedule a sub for you.


Email and tell us that you want to volunteer as a paid study hall duty substitute. In your email, please give the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number – best number to reach you at all times – texting or no?
  • Your availability – mornings only, afternoons only, or all day.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement email.
  • You will be contacted about open available dates for paid substitutes and you may pick from the available dates.

If you have any questions that this does not address, please feel free to contact Star Administration. As always, we are happy to help in any way we can.

Very sincerely,
Star Administration
Stacy Puckett, Joycelyn Simas, Gwen Rigdon