Sara Hull ~ Math
email: shull84@reagan.com
Sara grew up in a military family and so lived all over the world. She graduate high school in Roseville, CA and college at Texas State University in San Marcos, with a Degree in Education and a minor in Math. She is certified to teach elementary school and secondary math. As a middle school and beginning high school student, Sara struggled to understand math. After catching on and beginning to study it in college she saw many teachers would lose patience with struggling students. She determined to help pre-teens and teens understand this subject she had come to love. Sara has 5 1/2 years teaching experience in the public school system and 9 years as a home school mom. This year, in addition to working part time, she is home schooling a senior, junior and freshman in high school. Sara has also been in leadership of the REACH support group and co-op for the last 5 years.

Stacy Puckett ~ Math
email: bluecelestite@gmail.com
Stacy is a graduate of Texas Tech. While there she tutored all levels of Math. Upon graduation she started teaching first at the junior high level then at the adult level in Lubbock. After moving to San Antonio Stacy spent five years teaching all math levels (Pre-Algebra through Calculus) and both computer applications and computer science at Providence High School. In 2005 she left teaching at the school setting to homeschool her daughter. Stacy is currently a member of many local homeschooling groups and a volunteer with Girl Scouts.

Sandra Medlock ~ English, Math, Music
email: smedlock@satx.rr.com
Sandra Medlock lives outside San Antonio TX, is mom to a graduating homeschooler, and wife to a video producer/production manager for an educational company. She has a degree in music education with a minor in English, but shortly after college, Sandra realized her career interests favored writing and editing and she went to work for the corporate world. She is a freelance journalist who has been a columnist for three regional papers, and written for regional magazines. She’s been responsible for several corporate newsletters as well as software and training documentation, with a little bit of web design and mastering thrown in for good measure. Keeping her hand in music, Sandra as directed local church choirs, performed on worship teams, and mentored youth praise bands. She continues to teach private music lessons in several instruments. In the 90’s, Sandra started and managed a computer training company for five years, which was sold to another business. She left that company to manage a training department for a global manufacturer, and since 2004 has run her own tutoring/instruction business in music, writing, and math.

Cindee Dupaquier ~ English, Speech/Debate
email: ccdupaquier@aol.com
Cindee Dupaquier was born outside of Detroit, Michigan. The 4th of 5 children, she moved with her family to Texas as a young girl. During junior High and High School she was active in UIL competition and Drama. After graduation, she went to work in the Ophthalmic industry, where she eventually served 2 terms as the President of the Texas Ophthalmic Professionals Society. She also served 3 terms on the City Council for a local municipality.She attended UTSA, where she was deciding between a major in History or Psychology. Her desire is to return to college and complete her degree when her oldest child finishes at UIW. As a mother of two girls, she began homeschooling her children around 2002. In various co-ops, she has taught classes in crochet, history(through the American Girl Dolls), public speaking, and Civics. Her Civics courses were very interactive and included studies of the three branches of US government, where students learned how to run elections, legislate, and argued landmark Supreme Court cases. Additionally, she has taught a short course on the Bible and the Bill of Rights. Always an avid reader, Cindee enjoys a wide variety of genre including classics (American and World), historical biographies, political commentary, and Christian Romance. Her first novel, "Wrestling Angels", was released in March of this year. Her second is due out in the Fall of 2014, and a third in the Spring of 2015. A member of Lighthouse Baptist Church in San Antonio, she enjoys singing in the choir and helping in the nursery. In her community, she volunteers as a Little League boardmember, coach, and umpire. She currently resides in Windcrest, Tx with her husband Dale, a local pediatrician,and daughters, Kelsee and Sarah.

Jennifer Strickland ~ Science
email: jen@stricklyscience.com

To study science is to seek out the character of God! It’s amazing to learn about His design, His attention to detail, His Love and His creativity that is evident from the tiniest atom to the eternal universe. This fire is the light I seek out in every child – the desire to learn more about creation through science.
My background in science consists mostly of my own research and interest. Since 1998, I've run a contract consulting business in the aircraft design industry, which involves mechanical, structural, aerospace, electrical and fluid engineering systems. I design most of these systems, organize large projects, hire out to other contract designers and engineers and work closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Although I do not have a completed degree in my field, I've been accepted into the aerospace engineering community based on my experience and quality of work. I've completed thousands of design projects and am respected by my customers, designers and the engineers that I work with. I do have a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering through UTSA in the works with a GPA that is in good standing. I love school so much, I could be a professional student, but my family comes before those interests. I want to give my time to my children while they are still young, so completing my degree will come at a later time.
I began home schooling my two children in 2004. I’ve had experience working with children through the American Heritage Girl scouting program and various home school groups and cooperatives throughout our home schooling years. I held the position of AHG Troop Coordinator for four years and managed the Live Oak Dolphins Swim Team during the summer of 2012. I’ve also been teaching high school, middle school and elementary level sciences since 2005 with great success. I love teaching science classes at Star Academy and I look forward to holding your child’s hand to guide them through the fascinating world of science!

Lisa Frazier ~ Science
email: lisakelfrazier@gmail.com
B.S.Ed. Stephen F. Austin State University Major: Speech and Hearing Therapy
Major: Special Education     Minor: Educational Psychology
M.S. University of Texas-Dallas, Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Major: Audiology    Minor: Speech Pathology
I started college as a Pre-Med Major so began taking some of those wonderful science classes before I decided that twelve years of college might be more than I wanted. My favorite courses in graduate school were the neurology and anatomy courses and I enjoyed my part time job as a Research Assistant at the Medical School researching the pharmacological and teratological effects of pharmaceuticals. This is when I began to think I should have stuck with Pre-Med. But God had another plan. After a 17 year career using my Audiology, Speech Therapy, and Special Ed backgrounds, I found that my real calling was to homeschool my children. After a while, I saw a need for Moms willing to teach science classes at “co-op” as many homeschool parents aren’t comfortable with lab reports and experiments. I have taught all of the Apologia Science courses from the Elementary Sciences through the Advanced Biology courses of Anatomy and Physiology and Marine Biology and I have LOVED them all (except Physics, sorry, I did not love Physics.) Some of the courses I have taught multiple times and I am looking forward to doing so again. I love Apologia Science as I believe them to be the most balanced and thorough high school curriculums available. Dr. Wile writes in a way that anyone can understand, yet at a level that is as challenging as any of the freshman and sophomore level college sciences I took. My own two graduates have chosen science related fields and have tested for college credit in Biology. Teaching is my gift, homeschooling is my passion, science is my bag!

David Petershack ~ Social Sciences, Drama
email: david.petershack@gmail.com

In the words of the late great actor, Jack Lemmon, “It’s magic time!” This is the attitude that Mr. Mr. Petershack likes to convey to all of his Theater students. That and the need for a great sense of humor make for great theater. If you cannot lose yourself and magically create a character, you are not acting, but reciting. Of course, we have a lot of fun as well! Mr. Petershack has directed plays for the Homeschool Academics and Arts Class day (HAACDay), including a winter production of “A Christmas Carol”. He has also recently played the role of the Tin Man in a production of “The Wizard of Oz”. He is currently leading an improv group and directing a group of high school students in a production of “Much Ado about Nothing”. In addition to this, he also applies his love of creativity, learning and laughter to other classes which include History, Geography, and Government/Economics, all of which he has taught at various levels over the past three years. He is a graduate of the University of Texas in 1985 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing. He spent 14 years in corporate sales and sales training before becoming a homeschool dad. His corporate experience includes teaching Professional Skills and technology training classes, and working as a computer teacher at Rolling Hills Academy. In addition to this, he has done Web Design, edited professional newsletters, and homeschooled his children for the past eight years. David has been happily married for twenty-five years and lives in San Antonio with his wife Jean and his family.

Aida Scalercio ~ Spanish - Foreign Languages
email: vascalercio@netscape.net
Aida Scalercio will be teaching Spanish I and Spanish II courses this year. She was born in Chicago, IL, but soon moved to Mexico with her family. There she attended school and completed her elementary years. The family moved to San Antonio, where she currently resides. She earned a Bachelor's degree from Texas A&M and completed her Elementary Teaching certification, with a K-12th Bilingual and ESL endorsement, from Our Lady of the Lake University. She taught in the public school system for 12 years, where she worked primarily with Bilingual and Spanish speaking students. She left her teaching position 12 years ago and started her career as a home school mom. She and her husband have 4 children, ages 10 - 17. She has taught both science and writing at TEAMS co-op for the last seven years. She has been teaching formal Spanish for the last 3 years in the home school community, public school setting, and in private tutoring. She enjoys sharing her language with students and is looking forward to working with the students at Star Academy. ¡Hasta pronto!

Dwayne Puckett ~ Art
email: armoralleather@gmail.com
Dwayne received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas Tech University with a major in Printmaking and Drawing. While there he also minored in Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, Art History. Archaeology/Paleontology and Geology. After graduation he continued his studies with two years of post-graduate work in Art Theory & Criticisms, Advanced Art History, and Theories on Complete Presentation (ie how to present an art piece in its entirety from the work to the frame and/or environment). In 2001 Dwayne started a business with his wife in leather craft, constructing knife sheaths, holsters and various leather art carvings. Dwayne looks forward to continuing studies and work in art focusing on drawing and sculpture and the combination of the two.

Dave Crockett ~ Photography
email: passion@ardorephoto.com
Dave Crockett has been a world-traveled photojournalist, photographer and graphic designer for more than 23 years. Dave graduated as a Distinguished Honor Graduate from the Graphic Design Course and the Journalism/Photojournalism Course at the Defense Information School as a United States Marine. He then spent 14 years as a graphic design and photojournalist in the Marines. During his time in the Corps, Dave was editor for two news papers as well as an editor for Marines magazine. He as traveled the world as a photojournalist and, as he likes to say, has "covered everything from war to whimsy." Dave Crockett is now a full-time self-employed photographer specializing in portraits, event photography and commercial photography. He has won numerous awards including four Thomas Jefferson awards as a photojournalist. Dave and his wife have been a homeschool family for more than 13 years and Dave has taught photography and Photoshop design for homeschool students for years. Dave's passion is to guide his students to see the world in a whole new and creative way. His mission is to provide them the skills to they'll need to capture that artistic vision by the use of photography and Photoshop so they can share it with others. Dave's hope is that each of his students will leave his class with a vigorous passion for photography and the skills to enjoy it for a lifetime.