Family Information and Expectation Acceptance

Parent Guidelines, Fees and Tuition Schedule

Parents, you are a critical component to the effectiveness of class day for your student. Your student will not be able to succeed without your help and encouragement. Coming to class day for a whole school year with assignments completed is a huge undertaking. Your student will need all the help they can get. We appreciate your support and diligence as you adhere to the following:

  • Pay your tutors on time.  Late payments will incur late fees (see fee schedule below).

  • Pick up your student on time after their last class. Star Administration will leave as soon as the buildings are cleaned and locked. If your student needs to wait for pickup after 3:30 pm, please pick them up at the library across the street. 

  • Please do not drop off your student more than ten minutes early for classes, unless they have a sibling that has a class earlier in the day.

  • Keep track of how your student is doing in his/her classes. Check NEO weekly to stay connected and knowledgeable about your student’s grades.  You are your student's teacher and as such you MUST stay engaged in the learning process.

  • Encourage your student to handle difficulties before you step in.  Students need to learn how to interact with the adults and teachers in charge at Star Academy.  If parents rush in, then students miss out on a learning experience.

  • Encourage your student to deal directly with those involved in a problem and not gossip with others.

  • Please be supportive of adult volunteers and tutors, realizing they may handle things differently than you would at home.

  • Parent Volunteers:

    • Two to three parents must volunteer each week to monitor students at class day.

    • Parents will sign up for at least two full days (either 2 full days or 4 half-days) to stay and monitor the student lounge. (Volunteer SignUp Site)

    • Parents may opt-out of volunteering by paying $60 ($30 per day with registration, $40 per day after registration) to Star Academy.  This money will be used to hire a paid parent substitute to serve in your place.

    • All Star Academy rules will be enforced at all times. Parents will have access to a copy of the rules in order to know what behavior to monitor.

    • A fine of $25 will be incurred if parents have not signed up for Study Hall Duty or paid the opt out fee with registration. This fine must be paid and parents must sign up before their student may attend class on the first day of school.

    • If you cannot attend on your scheduled day/time, YOU MUST let admin know as soon as possible at or text (210) 570-6410. If you or your replacement does not show up for monitor duty, a $25 fee in addition to the $20 sub fee will be charged. 

    • The parent volunteers may bring their children with them for the day, and also may bring snacks, games, etc. for their family, but they are expected to keep their children under control (more details on the Star Academy Policies page).

  • Do not bring other non-Star Academy students to class day and leave them unattended or allow them to roam the facility and parking lot.  We want to avoid any extra responsibilities placed on the adults in charge.

  • Do not contact the church staff with any questions or concerns about Star Academy or the church facility.  Speak with a Star Academy Administrator if you have any issues or questions.

  • Please discuss with your students whether you wish them to remain on campus or will allow them to go off campus. We will not be monitoring students as they come and go from campus. No ID will be required to leave campus. Each student will be trusted to do as their parent wishes. If you do not think your student will abide by your wishes, you are free to come and stay at class day to ensure their compliance.

Tuition Schedule 2018-2019

It is very important that families understand that each class has a YEARLY TUITION FEE. You are hiring the teacher to do a job for your family. When you register for a class or classes, you are entering into a binding agreement and commitment with each teacher. It is not fair to the teacher for a parent to rescind their agreement and commitment to the teacher.  Each teacher is making financial decisions for their family based on the number of students they have enrolled in their classes. For many of our teachers, this is how they earn a living for their families. Please view your commitment to fully pay for all classes as a business transaction. Be honorable and trustworthy and pay each person what is owed to them.

As a service to the parents, we allow the annual fee to be paid in a maximum of 8 installments, and every parent must understand, commit, and agree to pay the YEARLY TUITION FEE IN FULL, EVEN IF THE CLASS IS DROPPED BEFORE THE SCHOOL YEAR ENDS. If your student must drop the class before the year’s end, payment for the class MUST continue until the class is fully paid. The class fee is not based on whether your student is able to complete the class or not. The only exception is if the class is dropped within the 6-week drop period. For classes dropped during the 6-week drop period, no more tuition payments will be required; however, no money paid up to that time will be reimbursed.


The registration fee for the 2018-2019 school year is $40 per family before May 7, $60 per family from May 8 to August 7, and $75 per family on and after August 8.


  • Registration fees, lab fees, copy & book fees, and an eighth of the annual tuition are due at registration.

  • The first installment of tuition (paid at registration) will cover the August and December payments.

  • ALL CLASSES AT STAR ACADEMY HAVE A YEARLY TUITION FEE. This fee must be paid in full whether or not the class is dropped at any point during the year (excluding the 6-week drop period). We allow parents to pay the yearly class fee over the course of 8 equal payments. But, please be aware that the full class fee must be paid.

  • Tuition fees can be paid for a full semester or year, rather than as eight payments, if desired.

  • Post-dated checks may be written at the beginning of the school year to pay for the entire school year for those who do not wish to remember to pay at the beginning of each month. We highly encourage this. It is very helpful for parents, Star Admin, and teachers.

  • We accept CHECKS or CASH ONLY. No automatic bank checks or Paypal.

  • To give plenty of time for payments to come in, tuition will be collected for 2 weeks – the last Tuesday of the month (for the upcoming month) and the first Tuesday of the month (for that month). For example: September’s tuition will be collected on August 28 and September 4.

  • Tuition payments are due BEFORE a student's first class on the first Tuesday of each month. All payments received after the beginning of the student's first class on the first Tuesday of the month are considered late and WILL incur a late fee (see “Late Tuition Fees” below).

  • Please put all payments in the locked metal box at the check-in table. DO NOT GIVE PAYMENTS TO TEACHERS!!

  • Please make checks out directly to the teacher and NOT to Star Academy.

  • If paying with cash, please have exact change for every teacher. We cannot make change. Please put your cash payment in one of the envelopes that we provide and fill out all the info on the front of the envelope. Use a separate envelope for each teacher. If you put cash in an envelope at home, please include the following info on the front of your envelope: Student’s name, Class Name, Teacher Name, Amount enclosed.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please pay for tuition UPON ARRIVAL, and not when you are picking up your students. We have teachers who are only at class day for an hour or two each week. After they teach, they leave. If you haven’t paid upon arrival, then some of your teachers won’t receive their pay until the following week, since they leave after teaching.

Tuition Schedule for the year:

  • Due at registration — lab/book fees + one eighth annual tuition (or full annual tuition or one half annual tuition)

  • September 4 — one eighth annual tuition due

  • October 2 — one eighth annual tuition due

  • November 6 — one eighth annual tuition due

  • December  — NO TUITION DUE

  • January 15 — one eighth annual tuition (or one half annual tuition) due

  • February 5 —one eighth annual tuition due

  • March 5 — one eighth annual tuition due

  • April 2 — one eighth annual tuition due


Some months have 3 weeks and others have 5 or 1 (like May). We have arranged the schedule so that there are 8 equal payments to make on the dates indicated above. Please do not prorate your payments based on the number of weeks in a particular month. A full tuition payment is due on each of the dates above. Thank you!

Late Tuition Fees

Any payments not made on time, for any reason, will incur a $5 late fee per class, PER WEEK, in addition to the monthly payment. Every payment day there are students who are out due to sickness, vacation, religious holidays, or other reasons. These are not reasons not to have payments in on time. If payments are late for any reason, a late fee of $5 per class must be paid. If tuition + fees have not been paid by the second week of the month, the student/s will not be allowed to attend class.  Multiple late payments will necessitate post dated checks being turned in for the remainder of the year.

No payment = No classes. No exceptions.

Our teachers are dependent upon prompt monthly tuition payments, and Star Academy is dependent upon faithful parent volunteers to work in the study hall each week. It is very important that we have everyone’s full cooperation with the above payment policies.

By signing below, you are stating that you will fully comply with Star Academy’s Payment Policy and Guidelines, as stated above.



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